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Build your savings and get up to P50,000 FREE insurance coverage for you and your pet.

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Kinds of Pet Covered
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Dogs and Cats (with or without Microchip)

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Pet Coverage
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  • Medical Reimbursement: Php50,000
  • Death Coverage: Php5,000
  • Burial  Assistance (Expense Reimbursement): Php5,000
  • Daily Hospitalization: Php500

Eligibility Age for Pet – 5 months to 10 years old

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Accountholder Coverage
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Owner’s Liability: Php25,000

Personal Accident: Php50,000

  • Total Permanent Disability (due to Accident): Php50,000
  • Disablement or Dismemberment (due to Accident): Php50,000
  • Accidental Medical Reimbursement: Php5,000
  • Burial Benefit for Death due to Accident: Php5,000

Eligibility Age for Owner – 18 to 75 years old
Up to a maximum of 3 pets under the same pet owner name based on the records
1 pet = 1 savings account

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Opening and Maintaining Balance
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Php100,000 (on hold while policy is in force)

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Interest Rate
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0.125% p.a

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Withholding Tax
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Fund Access
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  • EastWest Online and Mobile Banking
  • Local and international ATMs under the Visa network
  • Local and international Visa merchants
  • Over-the-counter
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Transaction Record
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  • Online bank statement
  • Passbook
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Dormancy Charge
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P30 per month

(Applied to dormant accounts 5 years and above AND falling below the minimum monthly ADB)